Our Guarantee to You

At Northwood Park Funeral Home, we believe that you shouldn’t have to spend a lot to get the very best in funeral service. At our funeral home, you will see a savings of hundreds, even thousands of dollars compared to other local funeral homes.

Whether your primary concern is service, merchandise, bottom line cost or any combination of these, the staff at Northwood Park Funeral Home will do its very best to exceed your expectations.

Northwood Park’s Price Match Policy

Please do not let prices stand in your way when selecting a funeral home. If you are quoted a lower price by a local funeral home for the same goods and services we offer, simply bring in their General Price List. We will match any total price for identical services and merchandise.

When affordability is an issue, we invite you to compare prices

As a service to the community, Northwood Park Funeral Home is pleased to provide you with cost comparison information for a variety of service options among local funeral homes. The following cost comparison information was gathered from each of the listed funeral homes’ General Price Lists.

Pricing information was collected March 2010. All prices are subject to change without notice. As prices are adjusted, we will update this cost comparison information accordingly.

Please call us at (360) 574-4252 if you should have any questions regarding our services or costs.

  Traditional Chapel or Church Service (w/ viewing) Graveside Service (w/viewing) Immediate Burial (no service or viewing) Memorial Service (cremation—body not present at service) Direct Cremation (no service or viewing) Forwarding Remains to Another Funeral Home Receiving Remains From Another Funeral Home
Northwood Park Funeral Home $2,595 $2,495 $1,495 $1,490 $845 $1,395 $1,095
Vancouver Funeral Chapel $4,960 $4,960 $2,195 $2,395 $1,800 $2,295 $1,695
Layne’s Funeral Home $3,210 $3,010 $1,695 $2,260 $1,195 $1,645 $695
Evergreen Memorial Gardens $2,870 $2,510 $1,510 $2,055 $1,050 $1,340 $1,050
Hamilton-Mylan Funeral Home $2,890 $2,545 $1,820 $1,970 $795 $2,195 $1,590
Davies Cremation & Burial Services $3,295 $3,295 $1,195 $2,700 $995 $1,095 $795
Neptune Society N/A N/A N/A N/A $1,644 N/A N/A
Evergreen Staples Funeral Chapel $2,690 $2,390 $1,565 $1,790 $545 $1,195 $895

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